To my SHSU followers..

Tomorrow and Thursday April 23 & 24 the W.A.S.H.ers will have their inflatables in the LSC mall area (the giant plastic things) from like 10 to 2 or something like that.
They put in a lot of hard work, trust me I was a last semester, and you can go inside of them. It’s pretty cool and it’s only made of fused plastic inflated by a fan.


It’s my birthday!!

What just happened? We won.
daughterofthe-sadness: Hi! I'm not sure if you remember me but you helped me with some questions I had about Sam a few months ago :) Well…..hehe, I have another question for you. I have completed my housing application and gotten a roommate and paid that $200 and I was wondering how do you select a dorm?

Well if your roommate selected a room then you will automatically be placed with them if two beds are available, but to select a room you need to go to the housing portal (there should be a link on the residents life page on the website) there should be a tab called “Room Selection” or something like that and then you just follow the steps.
I’m actually on the road today so I don’t have my computer, but if you still need help just message me again.

"Do you have to show you’re broken on the inside by breaking yourself on the outside?"
Rae Earl, My Mad Fat Diary  (via everythingisntalright)